When do we start? As soon as you want

At Middle East Customs, we have a dream team of automotive experts who specialize in both truck and car customization. From the simplest upgrades to a complete re-design, we offer it all. With more than 20 years of training, knowledge and experience, we’re trusted by exclusive clients from around the world.

Our primary client base resides in the Middle East and we fly out to meet each and every one of our clients for an in-person consultation. We’ve worked closely with clients across Saudi Arabia:

  • Dammam
  • Jeddah
  • Mecca
  • Medina
  • Makkah
  • Riyadh

Expect Only the Best from Middle East Customs

Endless planning and preparation on behalf of the automotive designers and engineers went into the assembly of your vehicle. The expert team at Middle East Customs puts forth the same meticulous planning when completing any type of true car or truck customization.

We specialize in complete restorations, customs, streetrods, sport compacts, classics, street machines, trucks and SUVs. Our expert staff is always here to assist you in the customization process. You expect the best – and that’s what you’ll get from Middle East Customs.
At Middle East Customs, we offer our clients:

  • Improved performance
  • Luxury interiors and exteriors
  • Custom accessories
  • Brand name wheels and tires
  • Luxury and exotics

Improved Performance and Custom Accessories

Rev-up your engine with premium performance parts. Our showroom carries an extensive collection of custom performance parts. Whether you’re looking for the latest in air intakes, suspension systems or turbochargers, we’ll find it for you. We also carry the newest interior and exterior accessories including custom hoods, billet grilles, dash kits, steering wheels and custom gauges.

Luxury Interiors

Whether you’re seeking custom seat, leather detailing or custom floor mats, we can design your custom car or custom truck interior to be both extravagantly comfortable and outwardly attractive. We specialize in high-quality leathers and exotic skins that come in a wide variety of designs and colors. The combinations for your custom interior are truly never-ending.

Luxury Exteriors

At Middle East Customs, our design studio specializes in custom paint schemes, color combinations and unique paint finishes. All of our exterior customizations are made-to-order and our unique pallets are sure to make your custom car or custom truck standout from the rest.

Brand Name Tires and Wheels

The right aftermarket wheels and tires can add a sleek accent to your custom car or custom truck’s overall look. Our customization shop carries every major brand of tire and wheel on the market, whether you’re looking for custom wheels, off-road wheels, race wheels, or more – we have it. We also offer a variety of wheel customization options including custom painted centers and outers.

Luxury and Exotics

We import luxury upgrades from around the world to give your vehicle a more personal touch. Body kits, custom wood, carbon fiber, color synchronized trims and more to make your custom car or custom truck completely one-of-a-kind.